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Legal Advice

Criminal Defense

Proven Success

From traffic tickets to felonies, any interaction with the state can leave your future in jeopardy. The decisions you make today regarding the attorney you hire could be the difference between dismissal or conviction, freedom or fines. Don't leave that responsibility to attorneys who treat you like a paycheck, John S. Nobles takes special pride in protecting his client's futures from the overreaches of the state.

Legal Representation

Personal Injury

Results When You Need Them

Car accidents and work-related injuries can have devastating impacts. Lost time at work. Lengthy hospital stays and rehabilitation. Lasting effects and pain. The insurance companies will do whatever it takes to give you the bottom dollar. Having someone fight for you to make things right and get what you deserve is key. You need someone with the knowledge and backbone to stand up for YOU. John S. Nobles will fight for you to put things right.

Legal Aid

DUI Defense

Justice for You

An arrest for a driving under the influence or while intoxicated can have lead to jail time and the loss of your right to drive. It is essential to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. John S. Nobles has worked extensively on DUI and DWI cases and understands how to navigate the drivers license revocation process, because it's not enough just to keep you out of jail if you can't make a living.

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